Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Earn Money Online By Writing Online

Have you wonder how many people actually search for ways to earn money online daily? You will be surprised on the number of searches done but here comes another question. Which is the best way you can earn money online? Well, for me, one of the way is surely writing online.

On Internet, everything is possible. Words are actually worth more than anything but there is no fast way for making money online. Writing is a challenging, tedious and it takes a lot of time and effort just to get your article up. Being recognized is the hardest thing to do as a writer.

Writing need time and facts. You got to know what your readers love and expect from you. Of course, there are ways one can easily earn money by writing online. Writing for HubPages is indeed a good way to get yourself indexed by search engines quicker than writing your own blog.

HubPages offers affiliation programs such as Amazon, eBay and also Kontera programs where one can earn side income from them. Google Adsense is of course the best way to earn money through HubPages, no doubt on that. Comparing many other websites, trust me when I tell you HubPages has the best community and even reputation for writers.

You will be thinking right now that am I joking around or even, can HubPages be that good? Oh yes, you got to try it and I am sure that you will get hooked in no time! As you start to write at HubPages, you will see the money slowly growing after sometime and after that, it is all smooth going. However, bear in mind that writing also depends on season.

What? Season? Yes, you hear me right! Every year, there will be time where only some topics will be attractive while others, might not be that famous. Brave yourself and you will do fine. There will always be up and downs. Do not ever give up just because writing is hard and challenging.

Writing is much more rewarding as time passes by! Good luck!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

General Writing or Finding Your Niche?

As a writer, I got to say that writing does take some skills to be good at. I am sure many writers started writing as a general writer but as time passes by, I strongly believe that we have find our writer’s voice inside us; finding the right niche that suits us best.

General writing is much easier as we can write anything under the sun. There is no limit on topics and it is really much easier to write. The simple fact is because you can write anything and everything regardless of the situation. The best thing I liked about it is I can basically write anything according to my mood!

Writing a specific topic or niche is a more challenging task. I liked the fact about niche writing is because it is much easier to get your readers to follow you. At the same time, you can generate more loyal readers (since most of them only interested in certain topics) throughout your writing journey.

There are also negative sides for both general and niche writing. As for general writing, it is much harder to get constant and loyal readers. Since readers only find and read what they like or have in mind, it is impossible to cover every topic in the world. General writing is more to writing without a sense of direction. You have typically no focus and you just write what you feel and like. At the same time, if you are maintaining your own blog, general writing is less likely to generate more traffic due to the fact that there are many tags in your articles. Search engines normally pick up the most repetitive keywords and tags in the article and that are where you get your rank.

Niche writing has its negative sides too. When you write specific articles or blogs, you will face the challenge of attracting readers. Since everyone has their own liking, it is hard to gain the attention of others. Writing niche is also much more specific and you got to have a strong base in order to be successful in it. Even though research are important in both type of writing, expect to do more research in niche writing as you got to think of various ideas and the topic range is small.

As a writer, my personal advice will be start as a general writer and write as much topic as you liked. Then, as time passes by, look into your writing and determine what interest you most. Become a niche writer, in my opinion is way more challenging but rewarding at the end.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Must You Start Promoting Your Articles

Promoting is in fact a very valuable factor in a writer’s life as it plays an important role in creating a ‘platform’ for you in the face of the net. I am sure you are still in the dark about this but worry not as I will be explaining all about promoting, just for you!

Promoting a site or article is just like marketing your product. Alike in real life, when we are selling a product, we need to market them in the first place. Promoting in the writing industry is a little different from real life but the mechanics are still the same.

The first reason for promoting is you are bringing yourself to the surface of the industry. As a writer regardless if you are new or veteran writer, you are competing in a very…very competitive world of writing. Only the best will survive and in order to the best, you got to use every method possible to bring your good name and article up to the eyes of the readers.

Backlink is another term of promoting. For example, simply by putting a link of your other articles at the end of the page, readers might click on it and continue reading. With this, you are giving yourself a chance to further promote your article.

Another reason why you must start promoting and backlink your article as these actions will drive and increase your traffic effectively. You will need to time your promotion at the right time and using every moment to your advantage. It might sound tough but if a simple action can increase your readership, I am sure it is all worth it, don’t you think so?

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Measuring The Success of An Article

How do you actually measure the successfulness of an article you wrote? Basically, there are debates going on especially on this subject. Some people believe there is no way to measure the successfulness of an article while there are others who believe there are ways for it.

For me, I always believe there is a way to measure it. I always make sure each of my articles has about 50 views per day. Any lower than that and I know it is not doing well. The measuring might vary depending on many factors such as popularity and even the topics you are writing.

Another way to measure the article is that if you get your article featured in xyz website, yes it is confirmed that you are writing something really good. Getting featured not only boosts your traffic to the article you write but it will increase your ‘visibility’ to the rest of the readers. You will gain ‘a moment of frame’ and you will get big numbers of traffic into the rest of your articles.

If you are getting many followers, then that is also a sign of being successful in writing. Readers who like your reading will tend to follow you and once you create a fan club, you are indirectly creating a loyal readership for your articles. However, do not be tempted by the number as some people would ‘just follow to get followed back’.

Lastly, ensure that you enable the comment for your articles. Good comments are always welcome and it gives you room for improvements. Comments will tell you how well your article is doing and if there is anything else you can do with. Besides that, it will also tell you what your readers are expecting from you.

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Starting As A Writer

Writing is something that needed passion. Every one of us can write and writing has no boundaries. In writing, we can write anything under the sun. There is totally no limitation for writing. People tend to write to earn side income, as a full time writer or it could just be a hobby.

Starting as a writer is always challenging. First of all, do not (ever) wish to earn money within the first few months. That was a mistake I made which made me so de-motivated to write. Thank God I read some articles and started to write back in no time.

Secondly, always plan your article before writing. I myself used to write a lot on general topics. I noticed my traffic was bad and basically nothing was working for me. Even worst, I keep writing and I did not even get a single click yet (from Adsense). It is always better to write something that you are really good in. I made a small research lately and noticed the types of topics that basically bring plenty of traffic. Since this is just about basic of writing, I am going to explain further on this in the coming blogs.

Last but not least, making sure every article posted is checked for quality. Quality articles will only attract people but low or substandard ones will lose out. Always re-read your article at least once before publishing it to ensure the quality is controlled. Writing quality articles does not only increase your ranking but also making your blog much more popular among readership.

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A Writer's Breakthrough

Every writer, in their writing life needs what I call ‘breakthrough’ in order to be successful. A breakthrough is something that makes a regular author or writer into a famous one (or at least famous for sometime).

Let me share my experience with you. I was just a regular hubber (that is what writers are called at and trying to make it into the spotlight. I wrote about 30 articles that time and yet, I have failed to gain much attention in the eyes of the world. I was really trying hard to promote, backlinking my articles and even being active in various forums to increase my good name.

It was one day when I achieve my breakthrough by accident. One of my articles was getting about five comments and was voted up a couple of times on that day. This by coincident made my article being a featured article of the day. It was indeed my ‘breakthrough’.

I experience more than 100 views just for that article on that day and yes; the article was something I wrote my heart out. I would proudly say that the quality of the article was really good and readers were voting my article up and I even received tons of comments about it.

Within one day, I was suddenly ‘famous’ and it brought not only tons of traffic to the rest of my articles but also bring some nice income to my Adsense account. After that day, my life as a writer was totally different. In fact, my writing life turned 180 degrees and I even enjoyed more on writing.

I have to emphasize that ‘breakthrough’ will always be a short one. However, we must not get de-motivated of this because this is the norm of a writer’s experience in this industry. We have to continue writing and try our best to achieve another ‘breakthrough’!

If we really put our heart and soul into writing, I believe another breakthrough is just around the corner. It all depends on the time and yes, it will come very…very soon!

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