Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Must You Start Promoting Your Articles

Promoting is in fact a very valuable factor in a writer’s life as it plays an important role in creating a ‘platform’ for you in the face of the net. I am sure you are still in the dark about this but worry not as I will be explaining all about promoting, just for you!

Promoting a site or article is just like marketing your product. Alike in real life, when we are selling a product, we need to market them in the first place. Promoting in the writing industry is a little different from real life but the mechanics are still the same.

The first reason for promoting is you are bringing yourself to the surface of the industry. As a writer regardless if you are new or veteran writer, you are competing in a very…very competitive world of writing. Only the best will survive and in order to the best, you got to use every method possible to bring your good name and article up to the eyes of the readers.

Backlink is another term of promoting. For example, simply by putting a link of your other articles at the end of the page, readers might click on it and continue reading. With this, you are giving yourself a chance to further promote your article.

Another reason why you must start promoting and backlink your article as these actions will drive and increase your traffic effectively. You will need to time your promotion at the right time and using every moment to your advantage. It might sound tough but if a simple action can increase your readership, I am sure it is all worth it, don’t you think so?

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