Tuesday, August 24, 2010

General Writing or Finding Your Niche?

As a writer, I got to say that writing does take some skills to be good at. I am sure many writers started writing as a general writer but as time passes by, I strongly believe that we have find our writer’s voice inside us; finding the right niche that suits us best.

General writing is much easier as we can write anything under the sun. There is no limit on topics and it is really much easier to write. The simple fact is because you can write anything and everything regardless of the situation. The best thing I liked about it is I can basically write anything according to my mood!

Writing a specific topic or niche is a more challenging task. I liked the fact about niche writing is because it is much easier to get your readers to follow you. At the same time, you can generate more loyal readers (since most of them only interested in certain topics) throughout your writing journey.

There are also negative sides for both general and niche writing. As for general writing, it is much harder to get constant and loyal readers. Since readers only find and read what they like or have in mind, it is impossible to cover every topic in the world. General writing is more to writing without a sense of direction. You have typically no focus and you just write what you feel and like. At the same time, if you are maintaining your own blog, general writing is less likely to generate more traffic due to the fact that there are many tags in your articles. Search engines normally pick up the most repetitive keywords and tags in the article and that are where you get your rank.

Niche writing has its negative sides too. When you write specific articles or blogs, you will face the challenge of attracting readers. Since everyone has their own liking, it is hard to gain the attention of others. Writing niche is also much more specific and you got to have a strong base in order to be successful in it. Even though research are important in both type of writing, expect to do more research in niche writing as you got to think of various ideas and the topic range is small.

As a writer, my personal advice will be start as a general writer and write as much topic as you liked. Then, as time passes by, look into your writing and determine what interest you most. Become a niche writer, in my opinion is way more challenging but rewarding at the end.

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