Saturday, August 21, 2010

Starting As A Writer

Writing is something that needed passion. Every one of us can write and writing has no boundaries. In writing, we can write anything under the sun. There is totally no limitation for writing. People tend to write to earn side income, as a full time writer or it could just be a hobby.

Starting as a writer is always challenging. First of all, do not (ever) wish to earn money within the first few months. That was a mistake I made which made me so de-motivated to write. Thank God I read some articles and started to write back in no time.

Secondly, always plan your article before writing. I myself used to write a lot on general topics. I noticed my traffic was bad and basically nothing was working for me. Even worst, I keep writing and I did not even get a single click yet (from Adsense). It is always better to write something that you are really good in. I made a small research lately and noticed the types of topics that basically bring plenty of traffic. Since this is just about basic of writing, I am going to explain further on this in the coming blogs.

Last but not least, making sure every article posted is checked for quality. Quality articles will only attract people but low or substandard ones will lose out. Always re-read your article at least once before publishing it to ensure the quality is controlled. Writing quality articles does not only increase your ranking but also making your blog much more popular among readership.

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