Saturday, August 21, 2010

Measuring The Success of An Article

How do you actually measure the successfulness of an article you wrote? Basically, there are debates going on especially on this subject. Some people believe there is no way to measure the successfulness of an article while there are others who believe there are ways for it.

For me, I always believe there is a way to measure it. I always make sure each of my articles has about 50 views per day. Any lower than that and I know it is not doing well. The measuring might vary depending on many factors such as popularity and even the topics you are writing.

Another way to measure the article is that if you get your article featured in xyz website, yes it is confirmed that you are writing something really good. Getting featured not only boosts your traffic to the article you write but it will increase your ‘visibility’ to the rest of the readers. You will gain ‘a moment of frame’ and you will get big numbers of traffic into the rest of your articles.

If you are getting many followers, then that is also a sign of being successful in writing. Readers who like your reading will tend to follow you and once you create a fan club, you are indirectly creating a loyal readership for your articles. However, do not be tempted by the number as some people would ‘just follow to get followed back’.

Lastly, ensure that you enable the comment for your articles. Good comments are always welcome and it gives you room for improvements. Comments will tell you how well your article is doing and if there is anything else you can do with. Besides that, it will also tell you what your readers are expecting from you.

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